Let’s Wrap Up Thanksgiving as Christmas is Coming…

And the goose is getting fat!  No worries, I don’t prepare goose at Christmas although it is very traditional in some European countries.

Thanksgiving here was not just a feast, it was a party – great food, friends, family and alot of laughter!  However, I do feel the need to mention some tidbits about what worked and what didn’t with some of the recipes that I shared in the three-part series.

I cannot tell you how many people contacted me about Aunt Libby’s pumpkin pie!  I’m tellin’ you, it comes with a no failure guarantee.  You don’t even have to save the recipe since it is on the back of every can of pumpkin!

Aside from dessert, dinner had to be served buffet style since there was a lovely group of twelve at the table.  I don’t like to serve meals this way but it worked.  I did purchase lemon sorbet to cleanse our palates between dinner and dessert.  It was greatly appreciated as a simple, pleasant surprise.

The cornbread stuffing had to be made with walnuts in place of the chestnuts.  The chestnuts were like stones after roasting and could not even be cut with a knife!  They must have been too old or perhaps roasted too long (nah).  The dressing was still good but a little dry from being in the warm oven too long.  Just needed a bit more stock.

Even though considered comfort food, I am not a huge fan of mashed potatoes.  I know now it is because I have never prepared them the way my friend Sebastiian, a professional chef, did.  His method is to ‘rice’ the Yukon gold potatoes before adding tons of butter and whole milk.  Then he simply whips the potatoes with a hand-held mixer.  This process does require a special kitchen gadget that is worth the very small investment.  The potatoes were to die for – tasty, smooth AND not the least bit starchy.

Potato ricer

Another suggestion that Sebastiian made was to add sherry vinegar to my giblet gravy after it had thickened.  Sorry Val and Buzz (Mom and Dad) but I have altered your long-standing recipe.  The vinegar added a delightful bite to the gravy and gave it the pizzazz it needed.  Thank you so much Bas – you are so fun to be with and always inspire me as a cook.

I made the mistake of cutting back on the vegetable dishes and did not include my favorite Brussels sprouts.  Instead, I prepared heinous green beans that I had blanched the day before and added bacon, drippings and shallots to them.  Big mistake.  It was a feeble attempt on my part to placate the green bean casserole lovers. The beans were limp and perfectly awful.  The dog wasn’t even interested.  Not everything always tastes better with bacon!  Live, laugh and learn…

Bon Appétit,



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  1. Ginny Okupinski · · Reply

    I am sure everything was delicious!


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