About Me

This unique food, cooking and vegetable gardening blog is dedicated to everyone that I love and foodies alike. My dear friend Nancy was always there to help and encourage me. I could not have figured out the blog site without her computer savvy. I am sharing a passion and know that I will enjoy venturing into new territory.

It was not until I retired as a registered nurse and moved to the country that I was able to pursue the ‘joy of cooking’. Life here in the ‘Neck’ is heaven on earth but has a much slower pace than my urban suburban upbringing. I quickly learned that I needed to pursue my hobbies. I have always enjoyed cooking and soon learned of my love of gardening as well. I try to incorporate the two as much as possible.

As co-author and contributing editor of Cooks to the Rescue, a community cookbook where all proceeds went to our local volunteer fire company, I thought that perhaps I would write my own cookbook. I even went so far as to create the title and enter recipes in a desktop file. Friends and family are always commenting on my ‘self-taught’ culinary skills and requesting my recipes. I have taken numerous cooking classes including an ‘advanced boot camp’ at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. I do menu consultation, catering for small, intimate gatherings and made-to-order seasonal soups and salads. I do not claim to be anything other than a self-professed cooking show addict, foodie and decent cook who is willing to experiment and make mistakes. Another cookbook is on the back burner (for now) so I created a blog instead. I know at least my friends will read it and share it.

Each post will contain at least one recipe that I have made my own, preferably with an ingredient grown or caught in my backyard and perhaps some entertaining ideas. For me, cooking is an expression of love and evokes fond memories from my lifetime…


  1. Linda Allen · · Reply

    Congrats! I love the blog and will continue to read. A lot of my friends will be interested also.


  2. Great, and looking forward to your recipes!



  3. LInda Griffin · · Reply

    Well, well. Congratulations on your retirement and new venture. You were always a good cook. Glad to see you are calling yourself “Ali”. Always liked that name for you. Francis is going into Gonzaga as a Freshman next Monday. How time flies! Would love to see you sometime. Am going to try this recipe this weekend. Love to you and Bob.
    Linda Griffin


  4. Congratulations on your blog! So glad you got it up and ‘out there’. I’ll check back often and try your yummy recipes.


  5. A terrific intro! As the main beneficiary of Ali’s passion(s) I know all who follow the blog will be treated to some wonderful culinary ideas.


  6. Looking forward to some wonderful recipes.


  7. Katarina · · Reply

    Great stuff Alison, I will follow your journey….


  8. Alison… you are the best, love your motives and love you and Bob. Make sure you put his Dove wrapped in bacon appetizer sometime in the future. Will be a loyal follower!!

    Ron and Jeanne


  9. Also, your rockfish tacos, and any venison recipes you have….


  10. You should also write a cookbook and be the best wife you can be to Bob…


  11. Ali, I love this blog ! I am a self taught gourmet cook and cannot wait to read more. Congrats on this page. Would love to get together sometime and cook away the afternoon and finish with a fabulous dinner with friends !
    your ol’ friend .. (notice I didn’t put “old”… LOL)
    judy hill


  12. I will certainly enjoy reading and trying your recipes.


  13. Christos · · Reply

    I loved reading your blog posts and I am looking forward to this next evolution of your love of cooking. Good luck!!


  14. Jo Anne Robertson · · Reply


    I look forward to reading your blog and learning new recipes. I my self love to cook. I have a vegetable garden and I just made a chicken enchilada spaghetti squash. It was yummy! I just made it for my mom and Duane, they loved it. I will keep on reading your blog and continue learning new recipes. We will have to meet up one of these days. Talk to you soon and the best of luck with your blog.


    1. You bet and judy hill loves to cook too!!!!!! Look forward to it!


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