What’s in a Name – Epicurean?

Before you read further on the blog, what’s in a name?  Ali’s Epicurean Gems.  According to Wikipedia, Epicureanism is a system of philosophy based upon the teachings of Epicurus who was an atomic materialist (huh?).  Modern usage states that an epicure is a connoisseur of the arts of life and refinement of several pleasures.  Epicureanism implies a love or knowledgeable enjoyment especially of good food and drink (now we’re talkin’).  I actually got the idea for the title of the blog from the historic windmill in our district that has several out buildings on site including a colonial tenant house (ca. 1800).  In the quarters there is a plaque that describes a resident- Adelaine Wheatley, a legendary cook who created ‘epicurean gems’.  Wictionary suggests it can be a derogatory term, synonymous with gluttony and hedonism.  I had considered changing the name of the blog but to quote my friend Maria Luise, “only puritans consider the enjoyment of life a problem”!

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