Old Man Winter threw those of us who live in the Northeast a wicked curve ball. March came roaring in like a lion and did not let up until the end of the month. Thankfully, the only edible in the garden right now is garlic which lives through three seasons prior to harvest. The leaves […]

Whenever we want to escape the cold, of course we think of warmer climes. The Caribbean used to be our first choice until traveling became such a hassle. Now we enjoy different destinations in Florida where some of the best fish can be found in the world. Gulf shrimp there is fresh, not frozen and […]

There are many myths and legends surrounding the history of Valentine’s Day. The Catholic Church recognizes three different martyred saints named Valentine. Some believe that the celebration of Valentine’s Day began as a festival in the middle of February to commemorate either the death or burial of one of these saints. All the ‘stories’ suggest […]

My husband created a monster of sorts this past Christmas by gifting the Encyclopedia of Cajun and Creole Cuisine by Chef John Folse to me. The book is nearly 900 pages and weighs a ton. It is full of history, recipes and gorgeous photographs of the culinary Mecca in our country that I have written […]

Christmas has its own special magic. You have the brightly lit twinkling tree and you share special moments with special people. One day perhaps I will write a story titled ‘A Notley Road Christmas’ as it was the most wonderful time of the year with some of the most lasting memories of my childhood. My […]

Pumpkins are everywhere as is pumpkin spiced everything! I love the colors, shapes and textures of all pumpkins and gourds. Only sugar pumpkins are suitable for cooking though. I have always used canned pumpkin but I am sure that the real McCoy tastes fabulous. The Thanksgiving feast is labor intensive due to the amount of […]

Most cooks buy canned chestnuts because they are convenient to use and easy to find. Our neighbors have three gorgeous chestnut trees on their property. The nuts are in season now and are falling to the ground in droves. Thank you Maureen and Chris for sharing your bounty. The tree itself is deciduous and a […]