Monthly Archives: October 2016

Chestnuts SHOULD be Roasting on an Open Fire…

Most cooks buy canned chestnuts because they are convenient to use and easy to find. Our neighbors have three gorgeous chestnut trees on their property. The nuts are in season now and are falling to the ground in droves. Thank you Maureen and Chris for sharing your bounty. The tree itself is deciduous and a […]

The Long Shadows of Fall…

The title may sound a bit ominous but autumn is without hesitation my favorite season; crisp days, cool nights ~ aaah, sweater weather at last. I have very fond memories of my childhood at Notley Road during the fall; running home late for dinner just as the sun was setting and the smell of dinner […]

Eggplant…Gassy but Good!

Anyone who has ever played the game Password knows that if you got the word Parmesan then your clue would immediately be eggplant as a drawn out phrase.  My cousin/sister Ginny makes the best homemade eggplant Parmesan that I have ever had ~ hands down. She fries the eggplant to a non-greasy perfection after ‘sweating’ […]